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‘Emotions and unpredictable finishes’: Summing Rinku Singh’s historic finisher

Rinku Singh became a household name following the most dramatic and jaw-dropping finisher in the history of the Indian Premier League in one of the most emotional matches featuring Kolkata Knight Riders and Gujarat Titans.

The 25-year-old walked in as a miraculous performer when KKR needed 29 runs to win the last over while pursuing a 205-run goal. Rinku Singh displayed absolute beast mode as he hammered a record-breaking five consecutive sixes, sending the Ahmedabad stadium into a frenzy. Truly special and unpredictable!

Among the joyful trumpets, there was a flood of emotions in the stadium. Awestruck, the KKR team couldn’t stop hailing Rinku. After the match, KKR Coach Chandrakant Pandit hugged him in an emotional embrace and it was an unforgettable occasion for the crowd, who paid him an abundance of dignity.

In this video clip by the Indian Premier League, a commentator rightly states, “This is what IPL is famous for….emotions and unpredictable finishes.” A team may be minutes away from losing, then the player of the night arrives and completely turns the table , exactly as Rinku did.


Rinku’s journey from the streets to the pitches

Rinku, who is from Uttar Pradesh, is a testament to the fact that with the right mindset, anything is possible. Hailing from humble beginnings, his  journey to become a professional cricketer is nothing short of inspirational. 

“I got a job of sweeping and mopping in a coaching center. I didn’t quite like the idea and refused. I said that I want to play cricket and I stuck with it,” the left-handed batsman confessed in an interview. 

“I wasn’t very qualified. But I always believed that cricket would take me places. I put all my focus on cricket and worked very hard,” he added. 

He also dedicated his remarkable victory to all those in his life, especially his family, who encouraged and stuck by him through his trying times and played a role in his success.

Rinku is not just a name; he is an embodiment of the spirit of cricket and the power of a dream. He dared to dream big, and with sheer determination and hard work, he transformed his dream into a reality. His name has become synonymous with hope and resilience, serving as a beacon of light for generations to come.

Nimisha Shah
Nimisha Shah
Aspiring sport psychologist, former national pistol shooter and passionate about writing sports stories.

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